Ji Da United official: Benzema left because of muscle injury, he will be examined in the next few hours

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the fourth round of the Saudi league, Jida United 3-0 victory over Mecca unified game, Benzema injured. After the game, Gida jointly announced the situation of Benzema. The official statement of the Jida United wrote: “In the first half of the fourth round of the Saudi Professional League against Mecca, the team captain and star player Benzema was forced to leave because of muscle injuries.” “He will be examined in the next few hours to accurately diagnose the injury and determine the required treatment plan.” (Ma Dongyu)

Li Xiangbin won the 300th appearance in the professional competition in Nantong Yunke battle in Wuhan Sanzhen.

On the evening of August 27, in the 24th round of the 2023 Chinese Super League, Li Xiangbin played as a substitute in the second half in the Nantong Yunke battle against Wuhan three towns, which was also his 300th appearance in the professional competition! From Chongqing Lifan to Beijing Institute of Technology, and then to joining Nantong Zhiyun in the 2016 season, Li Xiangbin stepped one step at a time. In the eighth year of playing for Nantong Zhiyun, Li Xiangbin appeared workaholic as the King of Young Pioneer team history, with his diligence and hard work, he defended the city’s football glory. Thank Li Xiangbin for his persistence and dedication. We look forward to writing a better tomorrow with you!

Romano & Dima: Tottenham Hotspur and Genoa are on loan to East beledad and still need to convince the players

Live broadcast on August 30 news from Romano, Genoa and Tottenham reached an agreement on loaning the midfield player endonbele. Dimazio’s news also said that Genoa and Tottenham have reached an agreement on loan, but it still needs to communicate with the players to reach an agreement. At present, Genoa is trying to persuade the players to join. Tottenham Hotspur hopes to find a solution to the future of East belay by Friday. Under the circumstances that Genoa has done its best, everything depends on the players themselves. The 26-year-old endonbele joined Tottenham Hotspur at a high price of 62 million euros in the summer window of 2019 and was on loan to Naples last season. His contract with Tottenham until the summer of 2025. (Any Door)