Former colleague accused rlby Rice: he once humiliated me. Ten years ago, no one believed it.

Live Bar, August 30 -spanish Football Association president rlby les was suspended for kissing female players. Recently, Tamara-Lamos, a former colleague of rlby Rice and the current general manager of the Spanish Football Players League, was interviewed. During this period, she pointed to the president of the Western Football Association and humiliated her for a long time. From 2012 to 2017, the two worked together in the Spanish Football Players League and rlby Rice served as the chairman. Tamara said: “I was in such a bad situation that I was humiliated and attacked by words that I could hardly repeat it. I once sued him and told him everything he did in the court. If I talked about this ten years ago, no one would believe it.” In addition, Tamara said that many colleagues knew what happened at that time. “They didn’t testify because they were afraid of losing their jobs.” “He (rlby rice) has long been sarcastic and sarcastic. At a meeting, he said to me, “This man is pregnant, so he is a little nervous.” then he always comes in my room door with aggressiveness and ridicule. He is really super irritable. He will suddenly pat the table behind you vigorously or open the door with one foot.” “That day in front of the judge, he took all his colleagues with him in order to bully me. At that time, I felt very small. The judge said that I could not work with this person any more. He had a tendency to control and was a mental illness.” (Qizi cake)

✅Purchase Completed! Official: Lille 19-year-old midfield barleba joins Premier League team Brighton

Live broadcast on August 30 news Premier League team Brighton and French team Lille officially confirmed that Brighton officially signed 19-year-old midfield baleba from French Lille. Brighton officials have not announced the specific transfer amount, and the players will sign with Brighton for five years. Cameroonian midfield barleba is 19 years old, and Germany turned around to value 5 million euros. In 2022, barleba joined the Lille echelon freely and was promoted to the first team by breaking the grid in the same year. So far, ballaiba has played 23 games on behalf of Lille’s first team, with 680 minutes of appearance and 2 assists. According to the previous news from Romano, the two sides signed a contract until 2028, which also included the option of extending for one year. Brighton would pay a transfer fee of 27 million euros +3 million euros to Lille. (Any Door)