In the past four seasons, de Blau has been selected as the best PFA team and is the only player to do this.

Live broadcast bar News on August 30 PFA officially announced the best lineup of the year, and Manchester City midfield de Blau was selected again. According to the statistics of Squawka, in the last four seasons (2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23), de blourne has been selected as the best team of the year in PFA and is the only player to do this. In the 2022-23 season, de Blau played 49 games on behalf of Manchester City, contributing 10 goals and 31 assists to help Manchester City win the treble. (Ma Dongyu)

Beautiful back! The media quasi-official of Lazio announced that Duoqi joined: Arrived at 22:30

Live broadcast on August 30 news Lazio officially updated the social media trends, drying out the back picture of gondoqi to warm up the French midfield. According to the famous journalist Romano, Lazio and Marseille reached an agreement of rent-to-buy. The agreement includes a lease fee of 1 million euros + a mandatory buyout clause of 12 million euros + a floating bonus clause of 5 million euros, and a 10% split clause. According to the news released by Lazio officials, gondozi will arrive in Italy at 22:30 Beijing time. (Baili)