TA: Manchester United are trying to rent Florence midfield amlarbat before summer window closes

Live Bar, August 30, TA reported that Manchester United were trying to sign Florence midfield amlarbat before summer window was closed. Manchester United’s whole summer window is associated with amlarbat, and now they are trying to sign him on loan. Due to Manchester United’s financial status, the direct transfer method is unlikely. Amlarbat hopes to join Manchester United on loan. At present, the contract between Amarbat and purple Lily will expire in 2024 and can be extended for another year. Manchester United has considered bringing in some defensive midfield players, including Hera finbech of Bayern. But so far, the deal has not made any progress, and herafenbach has also attracted interest from Liverpool. Manchester United put the focus on amlarbat and hoped to further strengthen rosters. (mageth)

Romano: Brentford considers introducing 20-year-old John bacayoco and balcora

Live broadcast, August 29 according to Romano’s report, Brentford, the Premier League, is now considering introducing the 20-year-old wing John bacayoco and Lyon’s 20-year-old wing balcora. Brentford focuses on different winger goals. The forest’s brunnan Johnson is no longer the priority of Brentford, while John bucayoco is also the preferred target of Burnley. Nicholas Gonsales is still on Brentford’s list, but purple Lily previously said they would not sell Gonsales. (mageth)

As: Alba decided to retire from the Spanish national team and has conveyed the decision to the Football Association & Coach

Live broadcast on August 30 news Western media “as” news, now playing for Miami International Alba has decided to retire from the Spanish national team, and has conveyed this decision to the Spanish Football Association. As reported, a few weeks ago, Alba conveyed this decision to coach de la Fuente and the Spanish Football Association. The reason why he retired was the same as the reason why he chose to leave Barcelona: he thought one of his phases was over. In 2011, Alba ushered in his first show representing the Spanish national team in the match against Scotland. In the 12 years of the national team, he played 93 games and scored 10 goals. During this period, he firmly occupied the position of left-back, helping the team win the European Cup in 2012 and won the Champions League of Europe in 2023 as the captain. Alba believes that after joining Miami International, his best decision is to keep a distance from the Spanish national team, because the SLS League will not be suspended during the international competition day. For this reason, plus he thinks that the time has come, he made the decision to quit the national team. (aliang)