Manchester United’s best player candidates in August: B Fee, ONA, Wan-pizza card

Live broadcast on August 30 news Manchester United officially announced the best player candidate list in August team: B Fee, ONA, Wan-pizza card. After three league matches in August, Manchester United scored 6 points from 2 wins and 1 loss. B fee: The director of the mission’s contribution against Nottingham Forest reversed and won the official award of the best player in the Premier League. The team attacked against Tottenham Hotspur many times, but missed an excellent opportunity to break the door header. The first game against Wolves was the first time that the Portuguese led the team in Old Trafford to play an official game after being awarded the official captain position in July. Onana: He was elected as the best player in the game against Wolves. The Premier League officially selected the best player. He contributed six saves and one successful attack in the game. Against Tottenham Hotspur, the goalkeeper’s foot and ability to play the ball were demonstrated. Against Nottingham Forest, Boley shot in the last few minutes of the match to help Manchester United keep a 3-2 lead. Wan-pizza card: In the August match, he successfully defended many times, consolidating the title of one of the defenders with the best single defense ability. Against Wolves, assist Varane and break the door to help the team get the start of the season. (Thomas)

Romano: Gida United with Joe Gomes, Liverpool has no intention to sell important players before closing the window

Live broadcast on August 29 News from Romano, Gida has a list of defenders, and Liverpool’s Joe Gomes is at the top of the list. Gida United believes that Gomes is an all-round player in the defense line, while Liverpool insists that they have no intention to sell important players in the last few days of summer window. Gomes is 26 years old. His contract with Liverpool will expire in 2027. He has won two substitute appearances this season. (mageth)

Deng Frith: the Serie A champion this season is the primary goal of Inter Milan, hoping to win the 20th championship.

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the second round of Serie A, Deng Frith broke the door and helped Inter Milan beat Cagliari 2-0 away. After the game, Deng Frith was interviewed by DAZN. Deng Frith: “The coach is always excited on the side of the court. He said a lot. Sometimes I can’t hear it because there are too many! I know a lot about him now. He inspired me to attack, so I like it.” “When we lost the ball, we did a lot of training, so we kept compact, forced to grab the ball right, and got the ball back as soon as possible. The realization of my goal is not a coincidence, because it is the result of our efforts.” “The league championship is our primary goal. We performed well in the Champions League last season, but this season we need to win the league championship and try to win the 20th Serie A championship. Obviously, everyone has expectations for us, so it is very important to win the championship and win the 20th championship.” (mageth)