Chelsea official: New aid Petrovich will wear No. 28 jersey

Live Bar, August 30 news today, Chelsea officially announced that the team’s new aid goalkeeper Petrovich will wear No. 28 jersey. Previously, the owner of the number was the former captain azpiriquetta. In an interview, Petrovich said: “I am very happy to wear the No. 28 jersey. I know this number means a lot. The No. 28 is the number that AZP wore before.” “I once asked if I could wear the No. 99 jersey. This is the number I wore when I was in the United States League, but they told me that this number is too large for the Premier League, then I looked at what size I could wear and thought the No. 28 jersey looked good.” (JayChan)

US big list: Pulisic led two Miami players, Karen De & klemaski, selected

Live Bar News on August 30, the new US team’s big list was released. Players such as deSter, plesic, McKenney, Moussa and so on were all selected. Miami goalkeeper Karen De and junior kremarski were listed. According to previous reports, the US team will face Uzbekistan in St. Louis on September 9 and Oman in St. Paul, Minnesota three days later. The details are as follows: Goalkeeper: Karen (Miami International), horvas (Nottingham Forest), Matt Turner (Nottingham Forest) Defenders: Durst (Eindhoven), Christopher-Lund (Palermo), Mark mcksey (Henke), Kevin parréds (Wolfsburg), Liam (Fulham), Chris Richard (Crystal Palace), anthony Robinson (Fulham), Miles Robinson (Atlanta), Joe Sculley (menxing) Midfield: Cardoso (Brazil International), klemaski (Miami International), dratore (certa), McKenney (Juventus), Yunus Moussa (AC Milan), Malik Tilman (Eindhoven) Strikers: Aronson (Berlin Union), barogon (Arsenal, soon to be transferred to Monaco), Cowell (San Jose Earthquake), Riccardo Peppin (Eindhoven), plisic (AC Milan), via (Juventus) (Thomas)