O’Hara: Madison is excellent, but he doesn’t know what to do when there is no ball.

Live broadcast on August 30 news Tottenham Hotspur noku O’Hara was interviewed by the media and commented on the team’s new aid Madison. O’Hara said: “Madison is a very good player. As long as you give him space, he will show an excellent side.” “After carefully observing the match in Leicester City before, he found that he had a little deficiency, that is, when the team was in a state of no ball, he did not know what he should do.” “Now, he has a coach who has his own ideas about this. Yogueta he can convey his ideas to Madison and the latter fully understand them, then he will be a value-added offer for Tottenham.” (Little Green Devil)

HWG! Romano: Juve signed Eindhoven’s 19-year-old border guard komenesia, transfer fee 3 million euros

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -exclusive news from Romano, Juve is about to sign inhoven’s 19-year-old side guard Livano Comenencia Romano reported the signing with here we go, and the two clubs reached an agreement on the transfer fee close to 3 million euros. Coménesia has made an appointment for a medical examination and will join Juventus soon. Coménesia was born in Eindhoven youth training camp and currently plays for Eindhoven U21. He can serve as right-back, back-waist and center-back on the court. (aliang)