Six Spanish reporters: Real Madrid will not quote mbape before the summer window is closed.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news reported by Josep Pedrerol, a famous Spanish journalist, that Real Madrid will not make any quotation for mbap before the transfer deadline of Friday summer window, and mbap will not play for Real Madrid this season. According to previous reports, mbampe will stay in Paris Saint Germain for the last year of his contract this season, and then he may join Real Madrid as a free agent without signing. (mageth)

Falk: Bayern discussed the introduction of the charloba deal, which is expected to decide the future of Pawal today.

Live broadcast on August 29th according to the well-known German journalist Falk, Bayern discussed the transaction of introducing chaloba and expected to decide the future of Paval today. According to previous media reports, Inter Milan hopes to introduce Bayern defender Paval this summer, and the players also actively promote the transfer, while Bayern regards Chelsea defender chaloba as a substitute. Falk pointed out that Bayern started negotiations with chaloba and Chelsea, and the atmosphere of the talks became more and more positive. The decision on the future of Pawal is expected to be made today. (Wood)

Romano: Atletico Madrid hopes that young people in Riyadh will quote Carrasco as soon as possible and will not accept late quotations.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to Italian journalist Romano, Atletico Madrid hopes that young people in Riyadh will submit an offer to Carrasco as soon as possible and will not accept any late offer. Romano pointed out that the Saudi club, the youth of Riyadh, was interested in Atletico Madrid’s attacker Carrasco and had already negotiated personal terms with the players, but Atletico Madrid was still waiting for a formal offer. Atletico Madrid has no intention to accept any late offer. They hope to solve Carrasco’s transfer as soon as possible, otherwise the deal will fail. (Wood) ******************** Sand super? Sand money! All the stars of the big ball, Jusha Telian!

East Sports: Wuhan Shangwen invests about 0.3 billion yuan per year on average, and the club is confident to complete the share reform within the year.

Live broadcast on August 29 news according to the report of Oriental Sports Daily, Wuhan Shangwen, an investor of Wuhan three towns, has invested about 0.3 billion yuan annually in recent years. On August 28, Wuhan Sanzhen club released a news briefing, saying that investors had confirmed again in a letter a few days ago that they would stop investing money in Sanzhen club from September 1, 2023. At the same time, the investor made it clear that the club had zero liabilities and agreed to transfer 100% of the shares held by the club of three towns to zero consideration, and would transfer the right to use the club base of three towns free of charge. East Sports said that after the failure to make ends meet and the huge capital gap in club operation gradually became the norm, investors who were unable to support finally chose to stop injecting capital into the club, the experience of the three towns further shows that Chinese professional football is still troubled by various crises, especially the survival crisis. The media went on to say that compared with clubs with poor performance, high debts and imminent dissolution, the three towns are undoubtedly excellent assets. It is reported that Wuhan Shangwen, a real estate enterprise, has always maintained rational investment in recent years, with an average annual investment quota of about 0.3 billion yuan. But now it is difficult for investors to find more “exports” for all kinds of expenses required by the club’s two-line operations, and they have to choose to stop capital injection. Wuhan Sanzhen club also revealed the process of share reform in the announcement: since the move of share reform was put forward to the relevant functional management departments of provinces and cities in early 2023, with the strong support of provincial and municipal governments and the active promotion of relevant functional management departments, the share reform work is proceeding steadily and orderly, and has achieved phased results and substantial breakthroughs at present, the club is full of confidence in fully completing the share reform during the year. (Luca)

TA: Chelsea charges 7 million pounds for renting cuicu, which is a price Manchester United will not accept.

Live broadcast on August 30 news The Athletic news, Chelsea hope to get 7 million pounds from The lease of cuicu Leilia. TA said Chelsea was willing to rent out the player who joined the club at 60 million pounds last summer, but the key to the transaction was the rental fee. It was reported that they hoped to get 7 million pounds to let renting of soccer players leave the team, this is a number Manchester United will not accept. At present, the negotiations between the two clubs are still going on. At the same time, Manchester United also have candidates such as Tagliafico, Marcos-Alonso, regillon, Luke-Thomas, Bertrand (Leicester City). (aliang)

TA: Manchester United are trying to rent Florence midfield amlarbat before summer window closes

Live Bar, August 30, TA reported that Manchester United were trying to sign Florence midfield amlarbat before summer window was closed. Manchester United’s whole summer window is associated with amlarbat, and now they are trying to sign him on loan. Due to Manchester United’s financial status, the direct transfer method is unlikely. Amlarbat hopes to join Manchester United on loan. At present, the contract between Amarbat and purple Lily will expire in 2024 and can be extended for another year. Manchester United has considered bringing in some defensive midfield players, including Hera finbech of Bayern. But so far, the deal has not made any progress, and herafenbach has also attracted interest from Liverpool. Manchester United put the focus on amlarbat and hoped to further strengthen rosters. (mageth)

Longo: Eindhoven is close to signing LOZANO, transfer fee 14 million to 15 million euros

Live broadcast, August 29 according to Italian journalist Longo, Eindhoven is close to signing the Naples winger LOZANO, and the transfer fee is about 14 million to 15 million euros. Longo pointed out that Eindhoven was close to reaching an agreement with Naples on the transfer of LOZANO. The transfer fee for the players was about 14 million to 15 million euros. In order to return to Eindhoven, LOZANO accepted a salary cut. In LOZANO, he transferred from Eindhoven to Naples for 45 million euros. His contract with Naples expired in 2024. He played 41 games last season, contributing 4 goals and 4 assists. (Wood)

La Liga for the championship? Simone: Obviously, Emperor SA is stronger, but we will also participate in the competition.

Live broadcast, August 29 news: Atletico Madrid swept balecano 7-0 away in the third round of La Liga, which ended early this morning. After the game, atletico Madrid coach Simone was also asked by reporters at the press conference about the Spanish championship. [Related reading] La Liga-blood wash! Atletico Madrid six men broke the door 7-0 valecano Morata double-ring depe goal + injury retreat In this regard, Simone said: “I will not change my attitude because of a game that we are too strong.” “Obviously, Real Madrid and Barcelona are stronger, and we will also participate in the competition, so when they stagnate, we will appear there.” (Nino)

Varanand Luke Shaw absent❗How should Manchester United adjust their defense when facing Arsenal?

Live broadcast bar reported on August 29 that Manchester United defender Varane may be injured for six weeks, which means Manchester United will lose another defense general against Arsenal this weekend. In the last round of the Premier League Manchester United 3-2 beat Nottingham Forest, Vara was replaced by lindelov during the intermission. Sky Sports has just revealed that Varane may be absent for six weeks. With Luke Shaw, who was injured before, Manchester United has lost two main forces of the defense line. They will go to the Emirates Stadium to challenge Arsenal this weekend. What kind of adjustment will Teng Hach make to the defense line? Will Manchester United strengthen the defense line in the final stage of the transfer window? Can Manchester United resist Arsenal’s attack?