Reporter: Dell will be absent from tonight’s Tottenham League Cup, not sure whether it is related to the transfer

Live broadcast on August 30 news at 2:45 this morning, Tottenham will welcome the second round of the Carling Cup with Fulham away. According to reporter Paul O keefe, Tottenham defender Dell will miss the League Cup. He wrote in social media: “Believe me, Dell is not on the team’s big list for tonight’s League Cup match between Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham. As for whether this is related to the transfer of players or the coach’s special arrangement, I don’t know.” According to recent reports, including Bayern Munich, Fulham, and the victory of Riyadh, all spread transfer rumors with the England defender, but the players hope to continue to stay in the team to prove themselves and leave freely in the summer. (Jaden)

Samer: German football is in the great crisis., but we are the champions who make excuses to hide it.

Live broadcast bar on August 30, the famous football club of xunde visited the podcasting program “Samer äher” of pictorial Phrasenm days ago, in which he said that German football was in crisis, however, all parties in German football have done very well in making excuses. Samer: “Sooner or later, I will speak more clearly, because in my opinion, German football is in the biggest crisis since I remember.” “In terms of finding excuses and explaining why everything can’t play a role, we are the best world champion and European champion. I am really shocked and speechless about how people cover up this a great crisis. With nice words without taking responsibility.” The German team was out of the group match in the Qatar World Cup at the end of last year, which was the third consecutive bad competition since the 16th European Cup in 2021 and the 2018 World Cup group match. In the warm-up match some time ago this year, the German team’s match was also disastrous. In addition, the youth training of German football also has great problems. Therefore, the wish of Samer is: “We don’t have to win everything again immediately, but from the perspective of competition, you have to make your opponents afraid of playing against Germany again, because they know it is almost impossible to beat us, and we must do it again as soon as possible. This is my big wish.” (Ximu)

Skyla: Although there are many clubs interested, little Kean wants to stay at Juve.

Live broadcast on August 30 news transfer reporter Skyla reported that moyces-Keane wanted to stay at Juventus. Skyla said: “Although many clubs have shown interest in little Keane, the players want to stay at Juventus.” The 23-year-old little Keane came from Juventus youth training camp. He left Juve to join Everton in 2019, but returned to the Bianconeri on loan in 2021 and was bought out by the club this summer. (Goblin killer)

Here we go! Romano: Barcelona Zhongwei Langley will join Villa on loan

Live broadcast on August 30, Italian journalist Romano confirmed with the iconic “Here we go” that Barcelona Zhongwei Langley would join Villa on loan. Romano pointed out that Villa had reached an agreement on renting Langley, and the players had agreed to join, waiting for the parties to sign relevant documents. Langley will travel to Birmingham, UK later today to complete the process of joining Vera. Langley is a 28-year-old French central defender. He transferred from Seville to Barcelona at 35.9 million euros in 2018 and was rented to Tottenham Hotspur last season, playing 35 games, contribute 1 goal and 2 assists, playing for 2718 minutes. (Wood)

Nanfang Daily: Sanzhen has made it clear that the next home has reached a certain intention with Hubei travel Investment Group.

Live broadcast on August 29 according to the Southern Daily report, the next home of Wuhan Sanzhen club is relatively clear. In fact, it has reached an intention with Hubei state-owned enterprise e Tourism Investment Group. In fact, the news about the investors of Wuhan Sanzhen club’s intention to withdraw funds has been circulating for a long time. It is said that before the start of this season, investors of Wuhan Sanzhen club had the idea of quitting. It is understood that Wuhan Sanzhen club has actually reached a certain share reform plan and intention with Hubei state-owned enterprise e Tourism Investment Group. At the beginning of the season, the two sides also formed a delegation to inspect state-owned enterprise clubs such as Shandong Taishan and Chengdu Rongcheng. “But until now, the club’s share reform has not really started. For investors, according to the business situation of the enterprise itself, he may not be able to continue mop so endlessly, so he chose to disclose this matter at this time. However, the Sanzhen club now has a clear family, and its attitude is still relatively positive.” An insider told the reporter. The three towns club said in the briefing: “With the strong support of provincial and municipal governments and the active promotion of relevant functional management departments, the share reform work is proceeding steadily and orderly, at present, phased achievements and substantial breakthroughs have been achieved, and the club is full of confidence in the full completion of the share reform within the year.” At present, Wuhan Sanzhen team ranks 6th in the Chinese Super League, only 3 points away from the Asian Champions League seat area. As the champion of the Chinese Super League last year, they will also participate in this year’s Asian Champions League. (Derison)

Zola: Serie A seems to be back to the age of seven sisters. Lantaro has matured. Chick is underestimated.

Live Bar, August 29 news in the DAZN studio, Italian celebrity Zola expressed his views on the Serie A this season. He said: “In my opinion, Lautaro is very mature now and in a stable state. He made a lot of contributions to Inter, and his performance surprised me. Little Turam also impressed me. He has a strong ability to control the ball and has made great contributions on the defensive end.” “Juve fought for the Serie A champion? They are one of the candidates for the championship, but the wonderful thing about Serie A is that this is an era of winning the championship. Many teams have the possibility of winning the championship, which makes Serie a more attractive, it also reminds me of the age of seven sisters. Of course, the Premier League is still better than Serie A, but I think we are on the right track.” “Pulisic is very strong. As long as he is not troubled by injuries, he can perform well. Chick is underestimated. He can play many different positions and become a key player in Serie A. When I coached Chelsea with Surrey, Chick was a key player. His physical quality is outstanding, and we can always use this to decide the competition. It is very important that he can receive the ball, Excel and create opportunities well.” (Iron Steel Fist)

East chichi returns to Madrid! Soloist and Real Madrid will play friendly on October 10, men’s basketball

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -real Madrid officially announced that Real Madrid men’s basketball had an appointment with NBA Dallas Lone Ranger for a friendly match. The match was held on October 10 and the venue was the WiZink Center in Madrid. This game is also a game played by Lone Ranger star Dong Qiqi against the old master. Before landing in NBA in 2018, Dong Qiqi played for Real Madrid for men’s basketball 3 seasons, during which he helped Real Madrid win the Men’s Basketball Champions League. (mageth)

Compared with last season, hafts this season has increased opportunities, running distance and passing number.

Live broadcast bar on August 30, news Sky Sports counted the data comparison between haffitz’s Premier League last season and the Premier League this season. The number of shots and sprints decreased, the number of opportunities created, the number of passes, the success rate of passing, the running distance is increased. The 90-minute data of haffitz last season’s Premier League and this season’s Premier League: 2022/23 season-2023/24 season: Shooting Times: 2.5-1.5 Number of opportunities created: 1.3-1.9 Pass times: 30.3-39.3 Pass Success rate: 82.4%-89.3% Running Distance: 10.8km-11.9km Sprint times: 19.7-12.2 (mageth)

Inzaghi Xiao: scoring is not only a problem for forwards, but also for players in other positions.

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the second round of Serie A, Inter Milan played Cagliari away. Inter Milan coach Inzaghi was interviewed before the match. About this game Inzaghi Xiao: “We are well prepared. This week is longer than usual. Our training is very good, and so is Cagliari. They played their first game against Turin away, and we know this game is not easy.” About Marcus tulam “Everyone must take part in goals, forwards and other players. Marcus must continue to do what he has done well in the past month and a half, anau tovich will also be on standby in the game, which will not be an easy game.” About Fratelli “He is as good as others. We are sorting out all kinds of problems in the team. Acerbi and Santz are absent from the match today, but we still need to do something, we all focus on tonight’s game.” (mageth)

Ferdinand talks about criticism of B Fei: how dare they, B Fei is the most creative in Manchester United

Live broadcast on August 29 News Ferdinand recently defended B fee in the podcasting program, and said that he was brave to take responsibility and dare to spread the adventure ball, which was a demonstration of personality. Ferdinand said bluntly that the team needed players like him. Richard criticized B Fei in an interview earlier, saying that some of his body language on the court did not help the team. When talking about the criticism B Fei suffered, Ferdinand said, “I was a little surprised and thought, ‘how dare these people say this’. He was the most creative player in the league last season. So far this season, he is the most creative player. He was the first player to create ten goals for his teammates.” “Since he came to the club, he has outperformed all other players in creating goals and assists.” After joining the club in 2020, B Fei made 188 appearances in all competitions, contributing 65 goals and 55 assists. “Players like BFE will attract more attention than any other players on the court because they will take risks,” Ferdinand continued. “When he takes the risk of passing the ball and succeeds, he will be more conspicuous than everyone else.” “But when the adventure fails, there will be many voices of doubt, and he has the courage to make some attempts. Do you know how afraid some players are of taking risks? Do you know this is a show of personality?” Joel Beya, who participated in the program together, asked, “Do you have any examples in this field? Have you seen the opposite?” “The names of some big players appear in my mind, because some players will not spread difficult balls. I am thinking about some players who are willing to take risks, “Ferdinand added. Baya continued to ask, “Have you ever seen Scholes avoid taking such risks?” Ferdinand replied, “No, never. I have never seen Scholes evade such a responsibility. This is an important feature that cannot be measured by charts and data. For example, after training last week, B- Fei continued to play for some adventure attempts and became the most creative player in the team on weekends-This is character and this is what you need.” (Baili)