Reporter: Wolves have accepted Manchester City’s offer to Nunes and are already looking for alternatives.

Live broadcast on August 30, according to team news reporter Loïc Tanzi, Wolves have accepted Manchester City’s offer to midfield player Nunes. The reporter wrote: Wolves have accepted Manchester City’s latest offer to Nunes. The Portuguese international will join Manchester City, and the Wolves have begun to look for alternatives. According to the news of Sky Sports earlier, in order to join Manchester City, Nunes was absent from the Wolf Team training again. (Baili)

Official: Lauren James is elected as PFA Youth Player of the year

Live broadcast bar, August 30, PFA official news, Chelsea women’s football forward Lauren James won the PFA youth athlete of the year award. Last season Lauren James played 28 games for Chelsea, scoring 8 goals and sending 4 assists. This summer, she followed the England women’s national team to win the runner-up in the Women’s World Cup. (Boiled water with lemon)