Italian media: Milan may consider selling if Bayern offers Kalulu for 30 million euros

Live broadcast on August 29 News Milan news network analyzed the situation of Bayern and Kalulu. The media said that although Milan did not want to sell, it might change its attitude under the condition of certain quotation. The media said that if Bayern submitted an offer of 30 million euros, Milan’s attitude towards Kalulu might change. Milan had only paid 480000 euros to sign him. Kalulu is very important in Milan. He is a substitute for the middle and side roads of the defense line. Considering the past injuries of Calabria and Florenzi, kalulu’s ability and flexible position make it difficult for him to be replaced, so Milan will not release Kalulu as easily as cleaning up redundancy. (Long)

Western media: Harvey didn’t want Eric Garcia to leave, but the player’s transfer to Gerona was basically finalized.

Live Bar, August 29, according to Western media relevo, although Harvey did not want Eric Garcia to leave, the transfer of players to herona had been basically finalized. Herona’s signing with Eric Garcia is in progress. Harvey doesn’t want to lose him, but the negotiation has been going on for several days. Although herona doesn’t ensure that he can definitely sign the player, but Barcelona thinks this transfer is very feasible, that is to say, Harvey will lose Eric unless the club takes action to stop the deal at the last minute. Eric is now the foreign player of Barcelona coach. He can play both central defender and midfield. He has occupied this position since the end of last season, due to Comte, Christenson, the existence of Araujo and Inigo-Martínez, so the competition between central defenders is very fierce. Although both Konde and Araujo can be right defenders, the arrival of Cancelo indicates that both of them will become the starting central defenders. According to SER radio, Eric will become Michelle’s luxury reinforcement because Gerona is about to lose Bueno, who is negotiating with Wolves and the club will receive a transfer fee of 25 million euros. After Eric joined, he could form a double central defender with David Lopes, or Eric would occupy the position after Romeau left. (Moon footprint)

Official: Japanese women’s football team nagagawa Kawa was selected as the best team in the Premier League of Women’s football in PFA2023

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news Beijing time early this morning, the PFA2023 annual awards ceremony selected the winners of major awards, including Manchester City Women’s football players, the Japanese women’s football team Nagawa Kawa was selected as the best team of the year in the Premier League of Women’s football, and there were 3 players in the Manchester City Women’s football team. After the results were announced, Manchester City Women’s football official also sent congratulations: “Three Manchester City Women’s football players Greenwood, Hasegawa Wei and Bonnie Xiao were selected as the best team of the PFA2023 women’s football team! Ladies, congratulations!” With the best array of women’s football of the year PFA2023 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Goalkeeper: UPPs (Manchester United women’s football team) Defenders: Raphael (Arsenal women’s football team), Greenwood (Manchester City Women’s football team), letisier (Manchester United women’s football team), Butler (Manchester United women’s football team) Midfield: Changgu Kawa (Manchester City Women’s football team), Lai Teng (Chelsea women’s football team), manham (Arsenal women’s football team) Forward: Sam Cole (Chelsea women’s football team), Bonnie Shaw (Manchester City Women’s football team), Daley (Vera women’s football team) (Jaden)

Official: Liu Jun, chairman of the Chinese Super League company, is suspected of serious violation of discipline and law and is subject to review and investigation.

Liu Jun, chairman of the Super League limited liability company, is suspected of serious violation of discipline and law, and is currently being examined and investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the State Supervision Commission, in the discipline inspection monitoring team of the State General Administration of Sports and the Hubei provincial supervision commission. Liu Jun was born in 1976. Graduated from Nanjing University with a master’s degree, he was the general manager of Jiangsu Sainty. In 2016, he served as the acting CEO of Inter Milan as vice president of Suning Sports, and served until the end of October 2018. Liu Jun is also the Chinese CEO of the first top five League teams. In 2018, Liu Jun joined the Chinese Football Association. In July 2021, the preparatory group of China Football Association was formally established. Liu Jun became the deputy leader of the preparatory group. Later, he replaced Li Yiyi, the former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, as the chairman of the Super League company through procedures. After Liu Jun, the current chairman of the Chinese Super League company, was investigated, since the establishment of the Chinese Super League company in 2006, a total of six chairmen have been involved in the case! The six directors of the Super League Company are: Nan Yong, Yang Yimin, Yu Hongchen, Ma Chengquan, Li Jianyi and Liu Jun. Anti-corruption and anti-counterfeiting! Chinese football shock!

Real estate in winter, three towns cut off supply

On Sunday, the three towns in Wuhan also won Nantong Zhiyun with a 4-2 victory. Unexpectedly, a paper report broke the atmosphere of winning. “Investors have confirmed again in a letter a few days ago that they will stop investing in the three town clubs from September 1, 2023.” However, people who are familiar with the three towns and many media people are not surprised by this news briefing. Most people’s reaction is: “Boots finally landed……” One free The news briefing released by Wuhan Sanzhen on the afternoon of 28th is not long, but the focus is on the first paragraph: Club investors recently confirmed again in a letter that since September 1, 2023, they will stop investing in the three towns club. At the same time, investors clearly stated: 1. As of August 31, 2023, all the creditor’s rights and debts of the club shall be borne by the investors, ensuring that the club has zero liabilities on the date of stopping investing funds; 2. Agree to transfer 100% of the shares held by the three towns club to zero consideration free of charge; 3. The club base of Sanzhen which is willing to invest and build will continue to be provided to the club of Sanzhen for free; 4. We will continue to pay attention to supporting Wuhan football and do not change our original mind to cultivate Wuhan youth training. This passage, if we say more concise, is the four words “free transfer”. To be honest, free transfer is not uncommon in Chinese football in the past two years, such as Jiangsu, the champion of the Chinese Super League in 2020. At that time, after winning his first Super League championship in young pioneer team history, Jiangsu team fell into a gruesome silence, because Suning Group, the only investor of Jiangsu team at that time, was already in deep debt crisis. Although many fans still have a little fantasy about Suning, after all, such a big enterprise is the champion of the Chinese Super League. After all, it is Jiangsu, which ranks first in the country in terms of economic aggregate…… But until Zhang near East said at the New Year New Year’s greeting party that year: “For those who are not on the main retail track, we must take the initiative to do subtraction and shrink the front line. The pass should be cut!” It will rain and Suning will leave, which is a foregone conclusion. However, before leaving, Suning also made a bold speech, saying that it would transfer the club at a low price, and even let other enterprises “buy at zero yuan”, but the conditions were: “Buyers must bear the debt of 0.5 billion yuan for the club.” This condition also became the last straw to crush the Jiangsu team. After all, according to the conventional logic, people who can choose a team with 0.5 billion RMB on their shoulders just after getting started are either real cow X or really stupid X. I still remember that when the Jiangsu team was disbanded, Chen Yuyuan, then chairman of the Football Association, said sadly in an exclusive interview with Bai Yansong: “Football itself is a social welfare product, and investors should have a sense of social responsibility. I hope this kind of thing will not happen in the future.” Facts have proved that Lao Chen’s words are indeed effective. Since then, dissolution has happened one after another, Chongqing, Hebei, Guangzhou…… It shows the public welfare attribute of football. Therefore, in comparison, before leaving, investors in Wuhan Sanzhen cleared the debts of the club and provided the club base free of charge, which showed a rare warmth in Chinese professional football, the reason may be that this investor, Zhao has a more dimension to football than Zhang Near East and others: Love.” Two burn money Through the enterprise platform inquiry, it is not difficult to find that the investor of Wuhan Sanzhen Club is a real estate company named Wuhan Shangwen. However, this investor, compared with the high profile of those who fought hard for life, such as Xu Jiayin and tension, can only be said to be the low profile of those who fought hard for life. In 2013, Shangwen founded Wuhan Shangwen youth training and signed a co-construction agreement with Wuhan Football Association to launch the “Shangwen star” youth training plan. The two sides signed a ten-year cooperation agreement on youth training, with the support of Wuhan Education Bureau and sports bureau, the “ten-year training Star program” selects and trains young players throughout the city in order to retain local football talents in Wuhan. After ten years of development, the club has a 10-Age elite echelon of youth training, with a total number of nearly 400. Every year, the club invests about 50 million yuan, and all trainees receive training free of charge. Among the trained talents, Liu shaoziyang, the goalkeeper who once joined Bayern, is more famous. In 2018, Shangwen star set up a professional team. The purpose of changing from youth training to career is also very simple, which is to give their own youth training children a platform to exercise and grow up. In the past year, Shangwen star signed up for the 2018 Champions League. At the end of the year, Shangwen star changed his name to four words without commercial elements: “Wuhan three towns.” The three towns-Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, are the soul of Wuhan and also illustrate the ambition of this club. But at that time, not many people paid attention to this small team, which was just living in the top of the championship, because there was a more famous team in Wuhan at that time-Wuhan Zall, this team has a more famous head coach-li tie. Until 2020, the three towns in Wuhan, like being born, had a super typhoon in professional football. This season, the three towns in Wuhan successively introduced the former international team Deng Zhuoxiang and Liaoning team captain sang Yifei and other strong aids. They set up China B with China a, and finally defeated Beijing Institute of Technology Press and Zibo cuju one after another to board the 2021-season middle A. In the 2021 season, the three towns of Wuhan successively introduced 16 players including former international coach Ren Hang and super foreign aid Marcon. Under the leadership of head coach Pedro, they succeeded in two rounds ahead of time, lock the champion in advance. And because of its generous recruitment and strong record, many people have given this once unfamiliar team a loud nickname: Zhongjia Evergrande!” In the 2022 season, among the wailing of salary arrears and dissolution in Chinese professional football, three towns in Wuhan successively introduced Deng Hanwen, Gao Zhimei, He Chao, Liu Dianji, with a large amount of money invested by 0.3 billion yuan in a single season, tao Qianglong, Xie Pengfei…… In terms of foreign aid, it was 4 million ouers who took down the Romanian football Mr. stanqiu. 0.3 billion yuan, 4 million euros. These figures were not enough for boss Wang, boss Wang, and boss Zhang to wave a small part, but the three towns formed a luxury warship. Also shipped. In addition, Sanzhen also publicly stated to the outside world and the players, who promised: No back pay.” In this way, on the last day of 2022, when the former Wuhan Zall was on the verge of dissolution and a new round of anti-corruption in football was about to break out, the names of the three towns in Wuhan, for the first time, it was engraved on the fire cup of the Super League. But the end of the climax hasn’t faded yet. Yu Chen, the top executive of Wuhan Sanzhen, made such comments on the team’s three-year three-Championship feat in the interview: Too expensive……” Winter “We are a privately-owned club. If we want to develop on the platform of China Super League for a long time, we must absorb and accept social resources and operate the club with social support. Because football costs a lot of money.” This is a voice confided by Yu Chen, the deputy general manager and leader of Wuhan Sanzhen football club, in an interview with CCTV’s “Football Night. Shortly after winning the championship, Wuhan Sanzhen put forward the goal of the new season: “Guarantee six for three, reduce costs and increase efficiency.” As soon as this word came out, everyone knew that it was not a football dynasty that was about to be born in front of the defending champion, but the same vocabulary as other teams: “Alive.” Like other professional teams, Wuhan Sanzhen has been pursuing equity reform. After all, the share reform is on the one hand the goal set by the foot reform plan, and on the other hand, it is also the realistic demand of club investors. Even though Shangwen’s investors still have some love for football, the love of football needs real money. However, the parent company of Sanzhen needs the inflow of real gold and silver most now, not the outflow…… Because their main business is real estate. Although it was mid-summer, it was an unprecedented winter for China’s property market. Especially recently, the thunder of super housing enterprise Country Garden has reduced the temperature of this winter by 30%. Even though Shangwen real estate is only a local real estate company in Wuhan, the stall is not that big, but for such a high-circulation industry as real estate, capital flow is life. Although the capital chain situation of Shangwen is not well known to the public, an official data may show signs. According to data from the official website of Wuhan housing security and housing administration bureau, after the ring ratio fell by in June, there were only 4881 new housing network registration records in Wuhan city in July, down 21% from June, it has dropped sharply for two consecutive months. “Create a new low in the same period in the past ten years.” Faced with such a situation, who can expect these developers to spend more money to smash the self-entertainment ball? It is reported that the three towns in Wuhan began to seek cooperation from all sides at the beginning of the year, and the club has been actively “self-help” this season “. Including the introduction of Wei Shihao and others this season, and the invitation of Marcon to come back in the season, all want to play a bright performance in the league and the Asian championship, so that the club can attract more attention. However, so far, the share reform is still in progress. Similarly, Evergrande, which was famous for investing in football before the announcement of the three towns in Wuhan, resumed trading on HKEx. After the opening, the stock price fell by more than 86%…… It should be said that the collapse of Evergrande happened on the same day as the news briefing released by the three towns of Wuhan. It seemed that God told us in the dark that the football era, which once belonged to real estate, had died completely. Then the question arises, what is the next industry that Chinese football can rely on?

Greezman: lost a lot of points at the beginning of last year. This year, I don’t want to make the same mistake again. I have a tacit understanding with depe.

Live broadcast bar, August 29 news in the third round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid has a 7-0 victory over valecano. After the game, Atletico Madrid striker greezman praised the team’s performance in an interview. — Competition analysis “We finished a great game and we played very tight from the beginning. The YILI goals at the beginning made us play more calmly and freely. I am very happy for the team’s performance.” — Start of the new season “We did a good job. We played hard in the first two matches, perhaps because of the fatigue of the journey. We lost a lot of points at the beginning last year. This season, we don’t want to make the same mistake again.” — Get the first goal “I didn’t play well in the first game. Today, my status has improved a lot, and I hope to continue to help the team.” — Cooperate with depe “Depe is in good condition. We hope he has less injuries. However, Morata scored two points after playing. Correa and Llorente also scored, so we need the input of all the players.” (Qizi cake)

Dima: Bologna and Nottingham are about to reach an agreement to exchange Domingos and froole

Live Bar News on August 30 according to dimazio, Bologna and Nottingham Forest are about to reach an agreement to let dominguos and froole exchange their homes. Bologna and Nottingham Forest are about to complete a swap deal. Domingos will join Nottingham Forest, while froole will join Bologna. The deal will not be simply an equal swap. Currently, the two clubs are still negotiating, but the two players have reached an agreement with the two clubs. (Rock sugar stew pear)

Battle 2023 · before the game | Xie Hui: hope to use the home court advantage to play a good mental outlook

On the afternoon of August 29, 2023, Beijing time, before the match between Dalian People’s Team and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger team in the fifth round of the 2023-season Chinese Football Association Cup, head coach Xie Hui and player Kudi Hotti attended the press conference before the match. (Image Source: visual China) Xie Hui: The interval between the last league and tomorrow’s FA Cup is very tight. We will partially rotate the lineup, but our goal is to advance to the next round. I hope to take advantage of the home court tomorrow to have a good mental outlook. In the first two league matches, we did not handle very well in many aspects. We hope to regain confidence through the Cup. Cuddy Hotti: under the leadership of the head coach, we have fully prepared for tomorrow’s game. I hope tomorrow’s match can be successfully promoted to the next round.

Berbatov: Kane’s departure from the Premier League made me sad that he went to Bayern mainly for the Champions League

Live broadcast on August 30 news Manchester United celebrity Berbatov accepted an interview with the media and expressed his views on Kane’s joining Bayern. Berbatov said: “To be honest, Kane’s departure from the Premier League made me sad. He is one of the best players of his generation.” “Now he has gone to the Bundesliga. I have been there for five years. I know he will succeed. The main reason why he went there is to win the Champions League.” “It’s a pity that no Premier League team can provide Kane with a platform to compete for the championship, so he needs to leave the Premier League. I think this is unfair.” (Little Green Devil)

[Transfer center] Rome 8 million pounds rent Luca Library! Paval settled HWG before 21:00!

The football summer transfer window sprinted in the last few days! Will there be a strong transfer? The transfer center of the live broadcast bar continues to track and report for everyone. Continue to follow up the latest transfer news for everyone today! Thank you for your support for the live broadcast bar. Welcome to pay attention to it. [Date of summer window of Major League matches (Beijing time)]] Premier League: June 14-September 2: 00 Bundesliga: 0:00 from July 1 to September 2 La Liga: June 3-September 2: 00 Serie A: July 1-September 2:00 French A: 5:00 from July 1 to September 2 Sha Telian: July 1-September 15 [Top]] 20:39 before that, it was agreed before 21:00, 20 minutes in advance, too stable! Here we go! Romano: parval will join Inter Milan, with a total transfer fee of 32 million euros! Rolling update ↓ 23:25:– that’s all for today’s transfer center. I’ll see you tomorrow ~ 23:18 French media: Frankfurt’s 0.1 billion euros asking price is too high, Paris will not sign muani this summer 22:56 Reporter: Milan is preparing to quote Taremi for 20 million euros. All parties are confident to complete the transaction these two days. 22:53 Juve official: 21-year-old Brazilian striker ruojue rented flosino for one year 22:31 Post: Arsenal refused to sell SLO to Chelsea, which is much higher than the market price quotation or opportunity 22:17 Crazy Shake people! De Sky: Dell is recommended to Bayern again, and Bayern management is considering 21:41 How much is this? talkSPORT: Bayern inquiry Gallagher, chaloba is willing to join Bayern 21:36 Rumour? Romano repelled the rumor: charloba’s physical examination was ridiculous, and there was no news in London and Munich. 21:29 World style: Manchester United regards cuicu Leilia as the first choice for left-back reinforcement, and is also investigating Alonso and others. 21:18 Official: Everton signed Portugal striker Berto, transfer fee exceeded 30 million euros & signed for four years 21:12 Dima: Bayern is pushing the deal to introduce Feyenoord defender heitleida 21:02 German Sky reporter: Pawal’s total transfer fee is 33 million euros and will sign a contract with Inter Milan for 5 years. 21:01 Dimazio: pavar will arrive in Milan city in a few hours and receive a inter-milan medical examination tomorrow. 20:54 Xinren Zhongwei is hereBritish media: Bayern rent chaloba and Chelsea agreement, the player’s physical examination today 20:11 Unmoved! Western media: Abde rejects Saudi team’s 13 million euro after-tax annual salary quotation 19:59 Romano: Villa is considering introducing langele. Barcelona is sure that the players will leave the team this summer. 19:55 Official: Barcelona renewed its contract with 20-year-old midfield Fermin to 2027, cancellation money 0.4 billion euros 19:47 Soil media: Fenerbahce 12 million euros final offer Clooney, at the same time intends to introduce Thomas 19:34 Romano: Felix insists on joining Barcelona. He will wait until the last day of summer window. 19:04 Romano: Inter Milan is confident to sign Paval. The total price of 32 million euros is expected to be completed today. 19:04 Reporter: Manchester United negotiated with hoiber’s team. Tottenham will ask 35 million pounds and will not accept loan. 19:00 De Sky: West Ham quits Maguire deal and thinks it’s too expensive 18:59 Sky Sports: balogong is expected to complete the Monaco medical examination today, and the official announcement within 48 hours 18:58 Reporter: Inter Milan and Bayern have a smooth negotiation on the transfer of Paval, and they are confident that they will be finalized before 9 pm. 18:56 Romano: Nottingham Forest considers restarting negotiations to introduce Tavares and will make a decision soon. 18:21 Soil media: Boss Besiktas decides whether to sign Greenwood, and the player needs 2 million euros signing fee. 18:19 Sky: West Ham signed Alberto was blocked and held preliminary negotiations with Lingard on a short-term contract. 18:03 Reporter: Bayern are trying to talk to Chelsea about chaloba. If they fail, they will pursue kochap. 18:02 Again?Sky: Gida aims at Joe Gomes jointly and will contact after Salah is resolved. 17:35 Sky: Manchester United’s initial contact with Huo yibier does not rule out that summer window no longer has important signings. 17:31 German Sky reporter: Walker hopes to renew his contract with Manchester City in the next few days. He will not go to Bayern 17:29 Falk: Bayern discussed the introduction of the charloba deal, which is expected to decide the future of Pawal today. 17:19 RMC: the latest destination of Lamos is the United of Gitta, and the two sides are discussing the duration of the contract. 17:11 It is reported that cancellation money 0.4 billion euros! Reporter: Fermin has renewed his contract with Barcelona until 2028. 17:09 Official: Fulham signs Leicester City defender Castagne, transfer fee 15 million pounds 16:53 Sky Sports: Henderson’s Crystal Palace deal is about to be completed, with a transfer fee of 20 million pounds. 16:52 Each body: Barcelona is close to renting 19-year-old Brazilian striker Novas, with a purchase fee of 300-4 million euros 16:44 Romano: Holdin is still eager to leave the team. Mallorca and Seville ask about him 16:37 The whole market: if Bayern did not release people before 9 o’clock tonight, Inter will cancel the deal in Paval 16:29 Romano: barogon will undergo a medical examination in Monaco today. 16:19 Standard evening news: Bayern still want chaloba, Chelsea asking 50 million pounds 15:42 Romano: barleba is undergoing a medical examination in Brighton and will sign a contract until 2028. 15:27 Sky Sports: lucucu arrives in Rome at 23:00 Beijing time tonight, with a rental fee of 8 million pounds 12:16 Romano: the internal news of Arsenal is very clear. Gabriel will stay in the team. 11:17 Italian media: the Jida alliance is still pursuing Salah, and Liverpool continues to pay attention to little keessa 11:02 Soil media: Galatasaray 10 million ou first rent and then buy quotation Thomas, rejected by Arsenal 09:52 Romano: Inter requested Bayern to give a final reply on the Paval transaction today 08:35 Six reporters: Barcelona leased Cancelo within a few hours, the official announced the agreement between Felix and basada 06:16 De Sky: Liverpool may promote the introduction of herafenbach in the next few days, and Bayern is waiting for the quotation. 05:41 Here we go! Romano: the total price of gondoqi is 18 million euros for lease + forced buyout to join Lazio 03:47 Romano: Gida United with Joe Gomes, Liverpool has no intention to sell important players before closing the window 02:51 Here We Go! Romano: lucucu joins Rome on loan, with a loan fee exceeding 5 million euros. 01:27 Official: Juve 20-year-old striker Sulai joined flosino on loan for one season