TA: Manchester United are trying to rent Florence midfield amlarbat before summer window closes

Live Bar, August 30, TA reported that Manchester United were trying to sign Florence midfield amlarbat before summer window was closed.

Manchester United’s whole summer window is associated with amlarbat, and now they are trying to sign him on loan. Due to Manchester United’s financial status, the direct transfer method is unlikely. Amlarbat hopes to join Manchester United on loan.

At present, the contract between Amarbat and purple Lily will expire in 2024 and can be extended for another year.

Manchester United has considered bringing in some defensive midfield players, including Hera finbech of Bayern. But so far, the deal has not made any progress, and herafenbach has also attracted interest from Liverpool.

Manchester United put the focus on amlarbat and hoped to further strengthen rosters.


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