Post: Captain Lascelles was involved in street fights, and Newcastle believed that it would not be punished for self-defense.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the exclusive report of the Daily Mail, Newcastle United defender and captain Lascelles were involved in street fights, although the police announced that they would continue to investigate the case, however, the players have already received the support of the club and will not be punished internally.

The Daily Mail learned that although the top executives of Newcastle club were reviewing the details of the incident, they were glad that the defender took a self-defense action in the incident on August 20. On August 19, last Saturday, after Newcastle lost to defending champion Manchester City on the road from 0 to 1, Lascelles went out for a night with his brother and a friend; At 4 a.m. the next day, about 6-8 unknown men broke out with them.

It is said that one of the men elbow down the throat of his 19-year-old brother in an “unconfirmed attack. This prompted Lascelles himself to intervene. He pushed a man from the other side to the ground. At that time, he was about to ask everyone to calm down, but he was covered with eyes. Then he got a punch on his face and hurt his ear. In response, he also waved his fist in the direction of the person who hit him.

It is said that the conflict occurred after Lascelles and his party left a nightclub called Chinawhite. In the violent quarrel, the other side threatened to boom Lascelles with a gun. The friend of Lascelles was in a coma after being kicked in the head and was taken to hospital. Then the police received a report. The police confirmed that they were conducting an investigation and called on witnesses to provide more information.

A spokesman for Northumberland Police said: “Shortly after 4 a.m. on Sunday, August 20, we received a report that there was a riot on Ximen Road in downtown Newcastle. The police dispatched the police quickly, but it is believed that the relevant personnel had left the scene before the police arrived. The investigation of the case is in progress. Anyone who has relevant information can leave a message on the ‘inform our’ page of the police website, or call 101 to query the NP-20230820-0227 number.”

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