Li Bing: Guangzhou shadow leopard knows that it is not easy to play in the championship finals. Welcome professional and healthy players to join

Live broadcast on August 30 news in an exclusive interview with football news, Li Bing, the coach of Guangzhou shadow Leopard team, introduced the preparation situation of the team’s championship finals and the team’s goals.

The schedule of this year’s Champions League finals has been announced. Guangzhou shadow Leopard team will challenge Guangxi Hengzhen team on September 2 away. How is the preparation of Guangzhou shadow Leopard team at present?

After the first stage, the team had a rest for a while. Then, in order to prepare for the finals, we made a seven-week preparation plan. Our preparation is to let the players recover their bodies first and then gradually plus-sized intensity. By increasing the training intensity, we can improve the physical state of the players. After the physical state is improved, we will emphasize tactics and improve and perfect a little bit.

In the week before the competition, we will reduce the intensity so that everyone can fully recover and enter the competition with a good mental and physical state. From the current point of view, the coaching team thinks the effect is not bad. Of course, there are also some deficiencies, because in the league period, we can’t get a warm-up appointment with the team in the middle of the Super League.

What are the different feelings of the team leading the Champions League this year?

We played relatively smoothly in the group match, but we also know very well that this year’s championship is not easy to play, especially in the second stage, 6-8 teams in 16 teams all want to go up, they are well prepared and their goals are clear, so the opponents in the finals are different from those in the group matches. Therefore, we have been reminding the team members not to relax and underestimate the enemy. On this basis, we first improve our training quality, intensity and tactics, and try our best to do the training well. The competition is a natural result. If it is done, with this strength, there will be advantages under normal circumstances. Of course, football is like this. Sometimes you are well prepared and even play well in the match field, and there will be some accidents. What we are doing now is to do our best and minimize the difficulties that may arise during the competition.

In the finals of the Champions League, the Guangzhou shadow Leopard team was drawn to Group B. In the same group, there are also powerful teams such as Bingzhou Huilong, Langfang glory city, Dalian Huayi, etc, what do you think of this group?

I also think our group of opponents are stronger, but this kind of strength already exists, and we have to face it. This game is very cruel, and every game cannot lose points easily. In fact, think about it. If you don’t touch it even in the group match, you should also touch it in the next stage. At this time, don’t think too much about what kind of team to score. Prepare for every match. Don’t lose all our prepared things because of the outcome of a match. Even if our match may go smoothly and win the match, it doesn’t mean that we have done everything well. We should think more about how the team should develop in the long run.

In recent days, the club officials announced Zhang Xiao and Huang Cong to join the team. What are the characteristics of the mid-end recruitment of the team?

The outside world may always hope that we can introduce Chinese Super League players, but there are some objective restrictions in the actual situation. We want to introduce the best ones, but they may not be able to come. If you want to come, in the end, there may not be a trip. At present, we try our best to select suitable players, such as Zhang School and Huang Cong. Every player comes to our team, which is based on the team.

The recruitment of the team to participate in the championship finals is almost over. Generally speaking, what is the overall configuration of the team at present?

The age span of our team players is relatively large. For example, Xiao Zhi is 38 years old this year, and the youngest player is probably only 16 years old. I think this may be the biggest age difference in Chinese league matches.

Why is this happening? I am think like this, I think a good team needs some very professional old players, and this kind of profession is not only reflected in his training and self-management at ordinary times, moreover, his ability value is also reflected on the court. Such a team will have combat effectiveness, cohesion and vitality. In the past, neither Xie Feilian nor Guizhou team was like this. I tried my best to let the old players drive the team and let the young players catch up with the old players. This is a healthy and stable team in the long run, and it is a promising team.

This year, many players have signed up for the trial training of Guangzhou shadow Leopard team. What are the standards for the players who want to join the team, the club and the team?

I like capable and talented players very much, but more importantly, players must be professional and healthy. I don’t think playing football is just playing football. In fact, you must be a good person before you can talk about playing football. I think this is the basis and standard for evaluating players. Only such players can we be willing to build such a club with them to help the team achieve better results.


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