Sweden’s new big list: Isak, ylang-ylang GA, Kulu, lindelov

Live broadcast bar, August 30 today, Sweden announced the latest national team list, including Isak, lindlov, ylang-ylang, kurusevski and Fosbury. Sweden will welcome the European Cup qualifier against Estonia and Austria in September.

The following is the latest national team list of Sweden:

Goalkeeper: Olsen (Vera), Johansson (Rosler ham), Nord filter (AIK Solna)

Defenders: Augustine (andrecht), ekdar (Burnley), Sheen (Verona), Holm (Spezia), lindlov (Manchester United), SEMA (Watford), STA filter (SELTA), Walquist

Inpre-market: cajuster (Naples), Claison (Copenhagen), Albin-ekdar (Spezia), ylang-ylang GA (Nottingham Forest), Fosbury (RB Leipzig), Gustavson (Hegan), gickles (Portuguese sports), Isaac (Newcastle), Karlsson (Bologna), calstrom (Poznan Lech), kurusevski (Tottenham Hotspur), Olson (China-Japan Delan), kuisen (Darman collaboration), Roden (calagolac), swanberry (Wolfsburg)


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