Post: Manchester United consider renting Talya Fiko, and Lyon will require mandatory buyout clauses.

Live broadcast on August 29, the Daily Mail reported that Manchester United were considering renting Talya Fiko.

Manchester United is looking for a left-back due to Luke Shaw’s injury, but the goal is only a short-term replacement, and the club hopes to complete the deal through renting.

Marcos-Alonso of Barcelona, cuicu Leilla of Chelsea, regillon of Tottenham Hotspur and tarlifiko of Lyon are all candidate targets. Manchester United are speeding up negotiations to promote the deal.

Manchester United has a limited budget, but they hope to get a left-back who can immediately integrate into tenhach’s tactical style.

Cuicu reilia and Alonso have rich experience in the Premier League, while Talya Fiko has worked with tenhach in Ajax, and Manchester United’s scout team has considered this Argentine player before.

Barcelona may be willing to rent Alonso to get financial space and complete the registration of new aid Cancelo. Chelsea is also willing to let cuicu Leilia leave the team.

30-year-old Talya Fiko is currently the main player in Lyon, so if Manchester United wants to sign players on loan, Lyon will at least require a mandatory buyout clause.

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