Matino: Massey will play in Nashville, and MLS intends to include international competitions in the schedule.

Live broadcast on August 30, according to ESPN, recently Miami international coach Mattino revealed in an interview that Macy would play the regular season between the team’s home court and Nashville this Thursday, it also revealed that the American League is analyzing the inclusion of the international competition day into the schedule.

Mattino said: “In my expectation, last weekend, the team played the RedBull game in New York. Macy needed some rest, and there was also busketz who needed rest. If there is no situation in the next game, Macy will play.”

When talking about Massey’s possible absence from the league due to his participation in the Argentina national team, Mattino said: “We need to adapt to the occasion when Massey is not here. Next, due to the national team’s recruitment, he will miss about three games, but we still have to find a way to keep the rhythm of victory. As far as I know, the American League is analyzing and researching the international competition day into the schedule, and I think this is expected to be achieved.”


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