Endo Airlines: Although 10 people fight, I think as Liverpool, we still have a chance to win

Live Bar, August 29 News in an interview with the club’s official website, Liverpool midfield Endo airlines talked about reversing Newcastle’s game. He said it was an incredible feeling.

Endo airlines said like this: “In fact, this is an incredible feeling. This is a very difficult competition. We have to fight with 10 people, so it was a very difficult match for me, but I am very glad that we can win. For me, it was very difficult, but I was just trying my best, on the defensive end. When we had only 10 people left, I was just trying to help us not lose the ball. That’s my job, of course, I can get better.”

“The second half was very difficult, but I was doing my best. We kept not letting the opponent expand the score. I think this is a very important thing. I think we are Liverpool. Although we only have 10 people to fight, we still have a chance to win the match. This is an incredible feeling that we have very strong attacking players.”

(Ma Dongyu)

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