Dimasio: Inter is seeking to continue to strengthen the midfield, intending to MAXIM’S-Lopes or sumaray

Live broadcast bar News on August 30 according to the official website of dimasio, Inter intends to introduce sumaray or MAXIM’S-Lopes.

According to the report, Inter Milan is considering recruiting, and they hope to sign another midfield with two goals: Sassuolo-Lopes in MAXIM’S and sumaray in Leicester City.

It is reported that Inter Milan has made initial contact with MAXIM’S-Lopes. In addition to Inter Milan, MAXIM’S-Lopes also received some invitations from Italian foreign teams. However, considering the good relationship between Inter Milan and the Sassuolo club, the transaction may take place.

In addition, Inter asked Leicester City for information about sumaray, and sumaray will leave Leicester City this summer.

(Iron Steel Fist)

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