Deng Frith: I haven’t scored in Serie A for a long time before. I want to score as many goals as possible.

Live Bar, August 29 News this round of Serie A, Inter Milan beat Cagliari 2-0 away, Deng Frith first record. He was interviewed InterTV after the game.

Deng Frith said: “Before that, I had not scored in the league for a long time. Now let’s look forward to the future. I want to score more goals for the team. This is a very important victory.”

“It is important to score more goals than last year. I am very happy to score goals today. Personally, I want to score as many goals as possible. Some of our players can’t play, so can our opponents.”

“When you come to Inter, you will find Inter is a big family. Now let’s prepare for the match against Florence. Florence is a difficult opponent.”

(Iron Steel Fist)

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